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Farmhouse Décor Accessories

Classic types of American farmhouses can be viewed as chic, while at the same time embracing a simplistic style. With a combination of modest design aesthetics and rural living, the farmhouse designs are becoming increasingly popular. While many may enjoy the feel and design of living in a farmhouse, many still prefer the conveniences associated with city living. Due to this, there are various methods to incorporate farmhouse vintage appeal into a city home. Adding specific design elements has the ability to transform just about any house into a “southern” haven.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood has been considered a fantastic addition to a farmhouse-style remodel. What makes reclaimed wood so unique is the choice on how rustic the homeowner would like to make their space look. Farmhouse designs seem to work best alongside eclectic pieces.

In order to incorporate a farmhouse aspect, the use of a coffee table made from reclaimed wood can work in a living room or a sliding door that is worn which can be used to separate the kitchen from the dining room. Bedroom ideas can include a wood dresser made out of reclaimed wood. In order to add in a bit of modern, choose benches and chairs that offer An Early American style and refined lines such as a crossroads-bench. In addition, any geometric furnishings can make a space seem more modern.When it comes to reclaimed wood ensure that the piece that is used can still perform a function.

Adding In Color

Instead of choosing an end table that has been neatly painted, opt for an aspect that is more natural. Distressed types of paint jobs on a piece of furniture such as a chest-of-drawers , kitchen cabinets and even bathroom cabinets can offer just the right colors for the farmhouse look. Chipped paint offers pieces the eclectic appeal and may not cost and arm and a leg. Vintage stores and thrift shops are the ideal places to locate such furnishings and the homeowner has the opportunity to find a few really unique pieces. Antique pieces typically adopt the classic American farmhouse look.

Southern Elements

When considering a living room that is based on a farmhouse style, the space should be comfortable. Durable types of leather chairs and slip covered sofas are the known staples for laid back designs. Other ideas can include adding in a plaid or chunky knit blanket to a sofa.This blanket can also be used for those chilly nights. Other farmhouse elements that are cozy can include burlap throw-pillows, grain-sack fabric or shower curtains with ticking stripes can really encompass the essence related to farmhouse living.

Butcher Block Countertops

These countertops offer a comfortable and warm feel while at the same time offering a texture and glow to a kitchen that is not easily accomplished with various other finishes. Not only do these designs blend effortlessly with other décor, it is also durable and has the ability to withstand many years. In addition, the wear-and tear can often add to a vintage and eclectic feel for those searching for that authentic feel.

Because most people enjoy the more eclectic additions that are more “rugged”, adding in wear-and-tear” to a countertop can assist in achieving the perfect farmhouse appeal.  A few well-placed dents can add “character” and add to the perfect farmhouse design.

Farmhouse Sink

What would a farmhouse design that is truly classic be without the addition of a farmhouse sink? The staple of various recreations in farmhouse décor, the more common style includes a single bowl made out of ceramic. However, it is usually best to choose a more practical version which will include a double sink. A farmhouse sink can be paired with chrome, arched faucets and maybe a painted cabinet that adds a more modern appeal to the vintage design.

When it comes to producing a design that is essentially farmhouse inspired, it is really about capturing authenticity and at the same time finding a method to incorporate personal tastes for the desired end result. Whether the décor accessories have been sourced from inspired types of farm living or genuine antiques, the above mentioned farm staples have the ability to be decorative, yet functional within a home.


A Rustic Decor Home

A homeowner has many options when it comes to the style and look of their home. For example, a homeowner could decorate their home with a contemporary, traditional, modern, or many other well-known styles. One of the more adventurous styles however is rustic. A rustic look is adventurous because there are so many unique ideas that you can incorporate from everyday items. Every rustic home has its own particular style and look and if a rustic home is something that appeals to you as a homeowner then you will enjoy the following article which will provide a few interesting and innovative tips on how to make your home look rustic.

Let’s begin our rustic journey in the bedroom. No bed is complete without a headboard and a rustic headboard will give your bedroom a comfortable and cozy, country look. You can create a rustic headboard from a variety of materials but if you want your headboard look like an old-fashioned barn door then you should be searching for some weathered pallet boards and strips of old barn wood.

Another great item that every rustic homeowner should have is twine. Twine is very inexpensive and easy to use but there are so many things that you can do with it. For example, let’s say that you want to add a bit more of a rustic look to your kitchen. One way that you could do this is to wrap the current kitchen handles in twine. This is one of the simplest things to do and it will give your kitchen a down-home rustic look. To do this project you will need glue, twine, and whatever paint color you desire for the handles.

Whenever you have an opportunity to obtain old pallets you should do so. There are so many things that you can do with old, weathered looking pallets. For example, how about making shelves out of pallets. To make a pallet shelf will require only a few hours and a minimum amount of supplies. You can make the shelves as tall or as long as you desire by simply adding a pallet or cutting down a pallet. You will need a 2 inch screw to secure the pallets to the wall and whatever stain color that will match the rest of your decor. You can use pallet shelves in every room of the home.

Now that you have your supply of pallets and have finished making all of the shelves for all of your various rooms in the house how about making a pallet bench. A pallet bench would look marvelous in a mud room, a front foyer, or on an outside patio or deck. To make a pallet bench you will need to disassemble the wood from a pallet and then reassemble it into a sturdy wooden bench that will add beauty to whatever room you choose.

No home is complete without pictures. A home that has pictures of the family and special events adds warmth and character to the home. To make those pictures be more noticeable in your rustic home you will need to create a few rustic photo frames. You can do this quite easily by visiting your local second-hand or thrift store and purchasing some very inexpensive photo frames. Then take a trip to your local arts and craft store and load up on whatever rustic looking decorative item you can think of. For instance, you could purchase some ribbon, burlap, rope, chalk paint, and other interesting rustic looking materials.

Another material that you can use to make attractive looking, rustic picture frames is rope. Once again head down to your second-hand or thrift store and look for some very inexpensive plastic frames that are in good shape. Take some twine or rope and glue it to the plastic frame with a hot glue gun. Make sure that you cover all of the original plastic frame. This will be a great picture frame for any room that is a bit more on the western side. If your son is a cowboy or your daughter is a cowgirl then these type of frames would look gorgeous in their bedroom.

These are just a few of the ideas help you turn your home into a beautiful rustic home. Obviously, there are many other innovative materials, tips, and tricks that will help you with future projects.



Fun Rustic Wedding Decorations

Getting married is one of the most memorable occasions of any young couple’s life. There is nothing more special than committing to your future friend and mate for a lifetime of adventure. Of course, in any marriage there are times when relationships will be stretched and difficult to maintain. However, with the right attitude and counsel a young married couple can enjoy a many years growing old together. For many young couples the most important day will obviously be their wedding day.

Weddings will usually have a specific theme depending on the young couple’s preferences. The majority of weddings are very traditional with white wedding gowns, church ceremonies, receptions that include dinner and dancing, and of course the honeymoon. Whatever theme the young couple chooses is not that important however because the most important thing is their commitment to a long life together.

One of the more popular wedding themes today is the rustic wedding theme. A rustic wedding theme has a couple of advantages over most of the traditional wedding themes. A rustic wedding can be put together very inexpensively and it can be the most fun of all wedding themes. The reason why it is inexpensive is because you can use a lot of discarded or second-hand materials that you find at thrift stores, junkyards, flea markets, and garage sales.

A young bride can utilize her mother and bridesmaids to help her search for appropriate items for her rustic wedding. It will be sort of like going on a treasure hunt and who does not enjoy a jolly, old-fashioned treasure hunt once in a while. This young troupe of women can search for anything out of the ordinary that will make the wedding more unique and fun. For example, they could be searching for things such as old weathered wooden pallets, old rope and twine, burlap sacks, wooden furnishings such as crates and containers, and just about anything else that is rustic looking.

A rustic wedding can be put together for a very minimal cost. This is quite contrary to the majority of traditional weddings that we see taking place. There are so many young couples who start off their journey together by being deeply in debt because of the cost of the wedding dress, wedding rings, reception, and honeymoon. It seems silly and sad to start off your new life together with a huge debt hanging over your heads. A better idea might be to take that money and put it towards a down payment on your first bungalow or home.

There are many websites that sell materials to make a rustic wedding. Some of these materials are very expensive and can be easily made at home with a few minor tools and equipment. For example, you could make all of the bench seats at the reception from used wooden pallets. The tablecloths could be sewn together from a variety of discarded burlap potato sacks. Signs and decorations could be pre-assembled using a variety of materials such as old rope, twine, burlap, old picture frames, wicker baskets, and so forth.

Burlap is a great item for that rustic look and with a little talent and effort the wedding troupe could put together some interesting items such as a burlap silverware holder, a burlap aisle runner, a burlap covered rustic guestbook, a burlap lace candle set, a burlap band around a bouquet of flowers, a burlap and lace name holder, a burlap boutonniere, burlap chair covers, a burlap ring pillow, a burlap table number, and whatever else comes to your imagination.

Imagine all of the fun that the bride and bridesmaids will have searching for unique items for the upcoming rustic wedding. All of the wedding gowns and suits could be rented for a very economical price from a movie theater clothing rental company. The bride and groom could arrive in a classic, rustic old truck and all of the flowers would be designed to enhance the rustic look. The wedding could be held in an old barn or rustic building that was built years ago.

There are so many things that you could do to make your rustic wedding totally unique. As mentioned, a rustic wedding would be extremely fun to do and fun to attend and therefore if you are young couple that loves rustic then consider having a rustic wedding.